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Nuclear fission, it is the process during which an atomic nucleus splits into smaller nuclei of different elements and produces tremendous amounts of energy in the process. The difference in mass between the products and reactants is manifested as the release of large amounts of energy. It is the opposite of fusion.

Connection to Big Idea about energy: Fission processes can produce huge quantities of energy. Nuclear fission is the process used in nuclear reactors to produce energy.

Connection to Big Idea about forces: Nuclear fission is primarily caused due to the simultaneous presence of the attractive strong nuclear force between protons and neutrons and the repelling electromagnetic force between protons. The weak nuclear force also plays a significant role as radioactive decay is essential for intermediate steps during fission.

Connection to Big Idea about the cell: The products of nuclear fission (coming from Earth and outside Earth) are highly energetic particles (and radioactive in some cases) and can be very harmful to cells and living organisms.

Connection to Big Idea about Earth: Nuclear fission reactions are used on Earth to produce usable energy.

Subjects related: Chemistry, Physics

Age ranges: 12-13,13-14,14-15,15-16,16-17,17-18



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