A whole new way of assessing your students!

Promoting innovative Learning Approaches for the Teaching of Natural sciences

New ways of teaching require new ways of assessment!


The PLATON deep-learning assessment toolkit allows you to assess your students in a holistic and meaningful way giving them an active role in their own learning progress.
Why do we need innovative ways for assessment?
Well, it seems that knowledge retention isn't all it takes to be successful 
As our European Commission stated in 2017

"It is likely that most children entering primary school today will end up working in new job types that do not yet exist."
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So, in PLATON we focus on fundamental skills that students will need to develop in order to become successful citizens of the 21st century.
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How does it work?
PLATON team created a variety of tools that allow for the continuous collection of evidence that will show how your students are progressing.
This will allow you to:
  • Give constant feedback to each student to allow for continuous awareness and improvement
  • Adjust your own methods to optimize the learning process of your class
If you want to learn more about deep-learning assessment and how to use the PLATON toolkit enroll in our online course
MOOC - Deep-Learning Assessment Toolkit
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