PLATON Summer School 2018

The PLATON summer school is a 6-day training course that focuses in training teachers in using the PLATON methodology. Through this summer school the PLATON team aims to bring teachers from different countries together, giving them the opportunity to collaborate, exchange experiences and good practices as well as to build onsite a community of practice.

The PLATON methodology combines:

a) Inquiry: An easy step-by-step approach to teaching throgugh Inquiry that allows teachers to gradually shift from traditional practices to a student center inquiry based approach;

b) Interdisciplinarity: An interdisciplinary Map of science ideas that allows for the connection between topics taught in different science disciplines, using the Big Ideas of Science. This creates an overall interdisciplinary approach to the teaching of science turning the learning process into a much more meaningful experience for students.

c) Collaboration among teachers from the same school 

d) Innovative assessment tools for evaluating students' Inquiry and 21st Century skills


1st to 6th of July 2018


Marathon, Attiki, Greece 

Golden Coast & Bungaloes


Ellinogemrnaiki Agogi

Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia

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