PLATON Newsletter - We are delighted to announce: PLATON Inquiry methodology is ready for you!

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We are delighted to announce: PLATON Inquiry methodology is ready for you!


We just released the Inquiry tool kit that will lead you gradually and smoothly into the world of teaching through Inquiry.
What is Inquiry?
Inquiry is a student centered approach that enables students to explore their natural sense of curiosity and exploration, becoming active members of their own learning process.
Learn about Inquiry with our "Inquiry Under the Microscope" MOOC
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Do you know how to use Inquiry in your classroom?
Although Inquiry is an extremely valuable methodology and it is becoming a common practice, teachers often find it rather difficult, complicated or even too abstract to be able to implement it! They feel too much out of their comfort zones.
Targeting this difficulty, PLATON team created a new approach to teaching through Inquiry that will lead you gradually and smoothly into the awesome world of teaching through Inquiry, without even noticing you are going out of your comfort zone.
If you think about it, Inquiry is basically the sum of very simple steps:
So, we invite you to:


  • Choose ONE component, regardless of the order, and introduce it to your teaching style
  • Get acquainted and comfortable with that component
  • Be an expert in that component
  • Choose another component and repeat the process
9 STEPS along the road ...
  • Congratulations, you are an Inquiry expert and your students' are very lucky to learn with you!
Access our Inquiry Under the Microscope toolkit
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