Do you want to be a PLATON teacher?

Promoting innovative Learning Approaches for the Teaching of Natural sciences


Use the PLATON methodology in your school during the 2017/2018 School year.
PLATON is an Erasmus+ funded project led by 6 European partners (Cyprus, Spain, Finland, Greece, Portugal and United Kingdom) that aims at promoting innovative Inquiry and Interdisciplinary learning environments in teachers everyday teaching experience.
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What does it mean to be a PLATON teacher?

Transform your science class into an exciting environment where students use their creativity and imagination

PLATON team offers training and tools that lead you towards a more student-centred approach that fosters interdisciplinary learning and promotes students' 21st century skills
Work in collaboration with other teachers of your school using tools of inquiry and interdisciplinary learning
Working with teachers from other subjects will allow your students to understand the meaningful connections between different topics. As a PLATON teacher you will be trained and receive the resources to create these connections and .. lets face it .. working with your colleagues you will have much more fun :) 
Use already made activities that connect what is taught in school and student's everyday life
PLATON team will provide such activities and instruct you on how to create your own. This will help students understand the importance and value of learning science and how it related to their real daily lives.
Be part of the international PLATON community where teachers and students exchange experiences and connect with each other
As a PLATON teacher you will be able to share your work with a wide community of practice within your own country as well as all over Europe. You will even be empowered to become a teacher trainer and share your know-how with other teachers.
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