Short-term Inquiry Based Activities

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Biology, Chemistry,Environmental Sciences

What is Biodiveristy and why is it so important to preserve it? 

Ecological Footprint
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences

How many planet Earths are necessary to sustain our current way of living? Lets find out.

DNA - structure and function
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences

What is the basis of life? Learn about DNA, its structure and its function.

Fibonacci everywhere
Biology, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics

Did you ever notice that nature presents us many similar patterns? They are almost everywhere!

Healthy Living
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences

What are the features of a Healthy Lifestyle? Are you really healthy? Check this activity to discover.

Soil Nutrients
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences

Is the soil important to our lives? What is its function? Does it play a role in our health?

Biology, Environmental Sciences

Have fun discovering which factors affect photosyntesis with the use of an online lab!

Astronomy, Environmental Sciences

What are seasons and why do we experience them? Is the Earth moving or is it still?

Life on Mars
Biology, Environmental sciences

Is there life on Mars? Where should we look for it? Let's find out!

Rotation of the Sun
Astronomy, physics, mathematics

Is the Sun sperical? Is it rotating? How can we discover this? Explore the fun world of sunspots.

Seismic Waves
Environmental Sciences, Physics

How can we predict the reach of an earthquake? Let's discover what seismic waves are.

Maths, Biology, Space Sciences, Earth Sciences

Discover the golden ratio in the human body and its presence in a lot of unexpected places in nature.

Is Radioactivity Always Harmful?
Biology, Physics

Is radioactivity only harmful to humans or can it be used for a good cause as well? Let's find out!

Driving a robot
Computer Science

Do you want to drive a robot on Mars? It's not as easy as it sounds!

Travelling to Mars
Physics, Mathematics

Are you ready for a trip to Mars? Put your halmet on and let's go meet Marvin!

Craters on Mars
Astronomy, Environmental Science, Physics

In this exercise, students will investigate craters on Mars using the online Impact Calculator tool.

Learning About Volcanoes
Environmental Education, Geography And Earth Science

 Students learn about volcanoes (main features, creation and effects to humans).

Does the full moon see the sun?
Mathematics, Astronomy

Do you think you can see a full moon and the sun in the sky, both at the sime time?


PLATON is a two-year European project launched on September 2016. It aspires to provide teachers and school communities with a coherent teachers’ training framework which will update their current teaching practices. More particularly, PLATON aims to offer an open and innovative training framework to teachers of primary and secondary education which will focus on:

  • Promoting student-centred teaching approaches;
  • Promoting a holistic interdisciplinary approach;
  • Support the use of online educational tools;
  • Support the meaningful collaboration between teachers of the same school.



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