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Electric potential energy is the energy stored due the interaction of charged particles.  Electrical energy is the energy derived from electric potential energy (or kinetic energy) and is used in electric circuits. Every moving charged particle produces a magnetic field around it. The energy stored in this field is called magnetic energy.

Connection to Big Idea about forces: The electric and magnetic is stored in a system of charged particles due to the electric and magnetic forces that act upon each other.

Connection to Big Idea about the universe: The matter in stars is made of ionized particles due to the high stellar temperatures. This ionized rotating matter carries electric and magnetic energy and causes important phenomena like the solar magnetic winds. In some cases these phenomena can be extreme and determine the nature and evolution of the celestial object (e.g. neutron stars).

Connection to Big Idea about particles: Particles carry electromagnetic energy. Other than gravitational phenomena, all other phenomena in our daily life are due to the exchange of electromagnetic energy between particles.

Connection to Big Idea about Earth: The Earth has its own magnetic field that protects us from the solar wind. Solar particles are blocked by Earth’s magnetic field at a distance in which solar wind energy is counteracted by Earth’s magnetic energy (Alfen radius). 

Subjects related: Environmental Sciences, Physics

Age ranges:11-12,14-15,15-16



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